Prototype to Real Deal

Written by Tom Ragan

Gradually moving away from the test project, getting myself over to a clean install in order to start development on the real game. Here goes…

OK, so what I’ve done over the past few days is aggressively test a variety of plugins I’m hoping to include in my final project. I’m in a place where I can actually begin to build the actual experience. I am trying not to get hung up on artwork (none of what you see in these screenshots/videos is final) or details that really aren’t important for now, but sometimes that is easier said than done.

Real Deal

You’ll notice there’s a few new things going on here in the attached video… We’ve got a custom title screen, some new sound effects for ‘OK’ and ‘Cancel’, a stripped down menu and most importantly - the sprite for the main character is almost twice the size as the original ‘Chibi-style’ one. I much prefer this look, and this quick, dirty method actually looks good (all I did was literally stretch the pixels and have Photoshop set to ‘Nearest Neighbour’ to retain those hard edges).

I got our main character transferring from one room to another - that was easy. However, what’s been tricky is making sure an event completes before a player leaves that scene. If the player leaves before an event is complete, the event will start again when they come back. This isn’t ideal for some events you only want to run once and then never again (e.g. opening credits).

I do still need to address the whole var/switch thing. I am keeping my test project alive and well so that I can mess around in there before bringing plugins/code into the real game; it seems safer that way!

Anyway, lots to do. :)

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