Let's Make A Game

Written by Tom Ragan

It’s been almost 20 years since I even tried any version of RPG Maker, but it might now be the tool for the job.

I’ve had an idea for a very simple game for about three years now, and the latest version of RPG Maker - RPG Maker MV - found its way into a recent Humble Bundle. So, since I’ve just turned 32 and still have the burning passion to make this damn idea a reality, I thought it was probably worth a stab.

Drawing a small village

You’ll note in this very blog I’ve made a pass at Media Molecule’s ‘Dreams’. Unfortunately that turned out to be rather short-lived. My biggest criticism was that game development on your sofa with a controller is just…not ideal, or fun. Actually, add the fact that motion controls are forced apon you and it’s downright bloody awful. That being said, I can see a ton of value in ‘Dreams’, and people are making some amazing things in that engine; it’s inspiring at the very least.

Anyway, RPG Maker MV takes game development back to the basics with a simple map creation tool, visual event handling system and a very extensive range of plugins built by a super dedicated and wonderful group of RPG Maker’ers. I’ve been having a great time with it, and have already started prototyping some ideas. In just a few hours I’ve managed to create heroes, NPC’s, have them talk to each other, have party members transfer between maps/rooms, start/stop events and even create something of an opening cut-scene. Here is a video of me trialling an ‘autorun’ event with text, sound and pre-programmed movement.

Next, I’m hoping to learn how to pick up and store items for later use, and include the sounds of footsteps on different types of flooring.

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