Flashbacks, Fonts and Footsteps

Written by Tom Ragan

Ticking off a few boxes today by understanding how to load in custom fonts, add footstep sounds and creating a sort of ‘flashback’ or premonition.

Alright so first things first… Footsteps. The game I have planned is going to be quite atmospheric and our main character will be isolated throughout a lot of her experience. So good sound design going to be absolutely crucial to the experience. As well as the ambiance of each room she’s in, I’m gonna need footsteps. Thankfully this was very straight forward with Yanfly’s footsteps plugin and some basic config.

Flashbacks and Thoughts

The sounds aren’t right, but I’m sure I’ll find a better footsteps sound in the future - it’s not super important right now. Then I found myself thinking… What if our character has a vision, thought or memory? Since she has nobody to interact with but herself… Maybe it would be kinda cool to have her pause for a moment. This was achieved by suspending the action on an event tile, flashing the screen and then placing a black square over the whole game with some opacity settings. It was annoying to have to load in yet another plugin just to centre that text… But it looked terrible left/right aligned.

Custom fonts are important. With it being a sci-fi theme, I wanted to avoid the tackiness of using a Blade Runner or Terminator font… But I couldn’t find anything I really felt drawn to. I did try loading something else in just to test it out - all good there. I’ve also wrapped object names in a specific colour, so that they stand out to the player as key items.

Next up: triggering an autosave event. A player has to save their game once manually first to initialise this, but I wonder if this is something which can be further configured at a later date.

I’m pretty happy with where this is going so far! Next up to prototype is lighting… I really, really want to start playing with the idea that some areas of the room are darker or brighter than others. If I can find a way to create lights that flicker - even better. I would also like to use sprites that are two tiles tall instead of one (not a fan of the chibi look, at least for this game), so this will involve a bit of time in Photoshop. Oh, and I should definitely address the use of variables over switches for picking stuff up. Watch this space.

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