31. October 2019

Using the Elevator

Players need to be able to easily traverse around your world. Introducing the elevator, the key to keeping specific areas closed-off until later in the game.


20. October 2019

Prototype to Real Deal

Gradually moving away from the test project, getting myself over to a clean install in order to start development on the real game. Here goes…


15. October 2019

Flashbacks, Fonts and Footsteps

Ticking off a few boxes today by understanding how to load in custom fonts, add footstep sounds and creating a sort of ‘flashback’ or premonition.


14. October 2019

Items and Global Switches

Picking up objects in the game world which then allow a player to progress. Achieving this with switches and simple conditional statements!


12. October 2019

Let's Make A Game

It’s been almost 20 years since I even tried any version of RPG Maker, but it might now be the tool for the job.